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Heat Exchanger Replacement

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Heat Exchanger Replacement Services

As the name implies, the heat exchanger facilitates the transfer of heat between substances in your HVAC system.

Like any other component of the system, it can break down over time.

While there may be instances when you can simply repair it, there are also instances when the damage is significant enough that installing a heat exchanger replacement is the best option. If this happens, our team at Perfect Home Services will equip you with a new one, getting your HVAC system back in good working order.

Signs You Need a Heat Exchanger Replacement

The component that facilitates heat exchange obviously plays an essential role in any HVAC unit.

As with all HVAC parts, it’s prone to damage. That said, you may not immediately notice the signs of a problem. That’s why it’s important to keep the following points in mind. If you notice any of these issues, contact a professional to take a closer look.

Cracks in the Exchanger

A cracked heat exchanger is a fairly common problem.

Thus, checking for cracks should be part of your regular HVAC maintenance routine.

Shut down all power and fuel to the system first, then refer to the owner’s manual to learn where you can find the heat exchanger within your system. Examine it for cracks every time you inspect the other components of your HVAC unit. Certain cracks, however, can only be found by certified HVAC techs as they are much harder to detect.

Poor Flame Quality

The flame from the exchanger should be bluish in color and should burn consistently. If it’s yellow, orange, or flickering, it’s probably a sign of a combustion issue.

For safety purposes, hire a professional to inspect the system. They’ll determine both the cause of the problem and the appropriate solution.

An Abundance of Soot

A cracked heat exchanger allow soot to escape through it. This results in an accumulation of soot around the area of the crack.

Many people don’t realize there even is a crack in their system, because the soot has accumulated to the point where it conceals it. Don’t overlook this problem if you notice it.

Replacing the Heat Exchanger

While you’ll have to replace your heat exchanger if it’s cracked, there is a possibility that it will stop working reliably for other reasons.

In these cases, repairs may be all that’s necessary. This is another reason to contact a professional when you notice an issue. Our technicians will take the time to assess and evaluate the damage, determining the best course of action for your needs.

If you need a new component, we’ll refer to the manufacturer’s instructions to select the proper one, installing it efficiently and correctly.

How We’re Different

When you hire people who’ve served the Chicagoland region for more than 25 years, you know you’re in the hands of professionals who do right by their clients. At Perfect Home Services, we’re honest about costs, happy to offer advice, and available 24/7, working around your schedule.

If you think you need heat exchanger replacement service, call us today!

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