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A shower can stop working reliably for several potential reasons.

However, because shower plumbing can be complicated, it’s best to hire a professional when it does. Our shower repair team at Perfect Home Services will efficiently and accurately determine the cause of the problem, fixing it so you don’t have to worry about issues in the future.

Getting Repair Service for Your Shower

Again, there are a few reasons you may need to have your shower repaired. Scheduling service fast is always a good idea whenever you notice a problem.

Some of the issues that affect your shower could indicate serious plumbing problems that need to be addressed before they cause more damage.

Schedule repairs if you notice any of the following:


Don’t overlook a shower leak.

While this problem may not seem like much of a nuisance, it can actually waste a lot of water in a short period of time. That means high bills for you. Hiring an expert to fix it right the first time saves you a lot of money in the long run.

Sudden Temperature Changes

Have you ever been taking a shower, only to be suddenly stuck with surprisingly cold or hot water? This often happens when the shower valve has started to wear down.

When it’s in good condition, it prevents the temperature of the water from changing when someone in the house is using another faucet or water fixture. As it wears down, it’s less responsive, resulting in these sudden and unexpected temperature changes.

Water Flows from Both Tub Faucet & Showerhead

Your shower diverter serves to ensure that water runs only from the tub faucet or the showerhead.

Like any other component, it can wear down over time. The first warning sign of a problem typically involves water continuing to run from the tub faucet when you’re trying to simply run water from the showerhead.

Contact a professional to replace it.

Mold Build-up

Is mold starting to develop in your bathroom, even though you can’t seem to find the source of a leak?

This may mean the shower pan itself is starting to fail. This allows water to seep into the floors and walls. The moisture creates an ideal environment for mold to thrive, potentially causing health issues for members of your household.

How We’re Different

If you need shower repair help, get in touch with our professionals at Perfect Home Services. We’ve served clients throughout the Chicagoland area for more than 25 years, cultivating a positive reputation based on honesty, professionalism, and most importantly, quality service.

We’re also available 24/7, ready to help whenever trouble strikes.

To learn more about scheduling shower repair service, call us today!

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