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Faucet Installation Services

Not sure how to install a new faucet? The process varies depending on many different factors.

Whether you’re installing a kitchen faucet, bathroom faucet, or even an outdoor faucet, you’ll need to follow specific steps that may differ from one situation to another. The size of the faucet, the condition of your existing faucet, and the location of the sink or fixture it connects with all play a role in the process.

If you’re intimidated by this task, or you’re not sure you have the experience to perform it correctly, our team at Perfect Home Services will be glad to help install your faucet replacement.

Our Faucet Installation Process

Again, the specifics of the installation process will vary from one case to another.

The following information covers the basic steps typically involved in this task. The manufacturer’s instructions will help you better understand how to replace your particular faucet with the new one of your choice.

In the meantime, these points will help you better understand the process.

Preparation & Planning

Before you install a new kitchen or bathroom faucet, you’ll have to replace the old one.

Start by shutting off the water supply to it. Next, remove any items from beneath the faucet. You’ll also want to make sure you have the right tools on hand, like a screwdriver, hammer, and wrench set. You might also need more specialized tools, like a tube cutter.

Removal of the Faucet

Now you’re ready to crawl under the faucet and see if you can access it.

Typically, you’re simply disassembling a fairly basic fixture. All you have to do is disconnect the water supply lines and unscrew the faucet from the sink. Problems arise when you encounter corroded pipes, or when accessing the faucet itself is difficult. These are instances in which it helps to have professional assistance.

Verifying Placement & Installation

To install a new faucet, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. They’ll explain how to mount the faucet to the sink. Keep in mind, different types of faucets require different numbers of mounting holes.

If your new one has fewer mounting holes than your old one, you may want to install a plate or decorative feature to conceal the old mounting holes.

Once the faucet is mounted to the sink, connect it to the water supply lines and screw all necessary components in place.

Why Getting Help From the Pros Is Important

Again, this task involves several steps. It can also be difficult to accomplish if your existing plumbing isn’t in great condition.

Professionals will install your new faucet correctly the first time. This helps you avoid problems in the future, like a loose faucet or a poor connection to the water supply. Fixing these problems will simply cost you more time, effort, and money in the long run.

You’re better off hiring technicians who have experience with this type of work.

How We’re Different

Serving clients throughout the Chicagoland area for more than 25 years, we at Perfect Home Services have cultivated a positive reputation.

We offer free estimates (pending we do work), we’re available 24/7, and we’re even happy to answer any questions you may have about maintaining your new faucet. If you need a new faucet install in our service area, give us a call today!

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