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Are you in the market for a new bathroom or kitchen sink?

If so, get in touch with Perfect Home Services. Installing a new sink correctly involves following certain key steps to ensure the fixture works reliably and consistently.

Our technicians will save you a lot of future expenses and headaches by doing the job right the first time.

How the Professionals at Perfect Home Services Replace Sinks

There are numerous factors you need to consider when replacing a sink. For example, you want your new sink to blend in seamlessly with the overall interior design of the room.

However, not all sinks have the same number of mounting holes. If you select a new sink with fewer mounting holes than your current one, some of the old mounting holes may be visible unless the sink comes with escutcheon plate to conceal them.

Professionals can help you assess these factors during the planning stages. They’ll also assist in the following key steps:

Removing the Old Sink

Removing your old sink involves following each step in the process perfectly.

If you don’t have experience with this kind of work, you could damage your property by not fully disassembling the fixture before removing it. This is less likely to happen when you work with trained professionals.

Installing the New One

To properly install a new bathroom or kitchen sink, it’s important to make sure all connections to water supply lines and other essential components of your plumbing system are strong and tight. Failure to do so could result in leaks.

Aside from the obvious water damage that may result from a sink leak, you might also have to deal with mold growth if the moisture is allowed to seep into the walls or floors.

This may pose a major health hazard for occupants of the household.

Explaining Maintenance

When you hire professionals to install your new sink, take the opportunity to benefit from their expertise.

Ask them questions about proper maintenance. Find out what types of warning signs indicate a failing sink. The more you know about effective upkeep, the less likely you are to face unnecessary repair bills in the future.

Reasons to Replace Your Sink

There are many reasons you may want to replace your current sink with a new one. The following are just two of the more popular and common examples.

If any of the following sounds familiar, it may be time to make an upgrade:

You’re looking for a Cost-Effective Way to Boost a Room’s Visual Appeal

A full remodel project can be very expensive.

Replacing a sink, on the other hand, won’t cause nearly as much as remodeling the entire room. However, a new sink can have a huge impact on the way the space looks and feels.

This is also a project to consider if you’re looking to boost a home’s value before selling it.

Your Current Sink Needs Frequent Repairs

If you’re constantly scheduling sink repair service, you’re likely better off replacing it entirely.

Your sink may be old, with many damaged or failing components. You could save a lot of money in the long run by switching to a new unit that will stay in good shape for several years.

How We’re Different

When you hire Perfect Home Services for sink replacement, you get the peace of mind that comes from working with experienced professionals who’ve served clients throughout the Chicagoland area for more than 25 years.

We offer free estimates (pending we perform work), we’re available 24/7, and we’ll help you choose the right new sink for your needs if you’re having trouble making a choice. To learn more about scheduling replacement service, call us today!

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