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A new toilet can make a big difference in your bathroom.

Whether you’re remodeling the entire space or simply replacing an old fixture, installing it correctly is important.

Your new toilet must fit perfectly in the designated space, and it must connect seamlessly to your plumbing system. That’s why it’s important that whoever does the job understands how to install a toilet. If you’re not experienced with this kind of task, consider hiring professionals.

Our team at Perfect Home Services will gladly replace your old toilet, with a new and improved model.

The Installation Process of a New Toilet

Installing a toilet can be a somewhat complicated process. It can also be a little dangerous if you don’t have help.

Toilets are heavy fixtures, and if you’re not careful, they can harm you or your bathroom surfaces.

Because installing one involves working with your plumbing system, water damage is also a risk. Thus, following all necessary steps accurately is crucial. They typically involve the following:

Removing the Old Toilet

To remove the old toilet, start by turning the water off at the shutoff valve.

After you’ve done so, flush the toilet to remove what’s left over.

There will will likely still be some water remaining in the bowl. You can force this down the drain with a plunger. Remove the water in the tank with a bucket, and disconnect the supply line.

You may want to disconnect the tank from the bowl first before removing them, especially if you’re working by yourself. Remove the trim caps, along with any nuts, bolts, and other components securing the toilet in place.

Once you’ve removed all connections, gently lift it up and place it somewhere safe.

You may need to rock it back and forth slightly to loosen it.

Assembling the New Toilet

The manufacturer’s instructions will explain how to assemble your new toilet, attaching the tank to the bowl. Before taking this step, remove the old wax seal from beneath the old bowl and apply a new one.

You can do this with a putty knife. Just inspect the flange first to confirm it isn’t damaged.

Installing the Toilet

Carefully lift the toilet (this will be difficult without help) and place it on top of the wax seal. While doing so, it’s important to make sure the bolts on the floor are perfectly aligned with the appropriate spaces on the base.

Press the toilet down into the wax seal so it adheres with it perfectly. Tighten all necessary connections, and cover the ends of the bolts with trim caps.

Pay Attention to Warning Signs

If a toilet wasn’t installed properly, a range of potential problems can develop. Pay attention to warning signs like a weak flush, leaks around the any part of the toilet, and sewage smells near the toilet.

They can all indicate a problem that developed because the toilet wasn’t installed correctly. Although a toilet repair team can often address these issues, you could avoid them entirely by hiring experts to handle the installation in the first place.

How We’re Different

For over 25 years, we here at Perfect Home Services have installed toilets for homeowners throughout the Chicagoland area.

If you need a new one, we’ll help with any and all steps of the task, including determining whether or not you even need to replace your current one. We’re also available 24/7 in case you ever have any issues as a result of poor installation.

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