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Toilet Leak Repair

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Toilet Leak Repair Services

It’s no secret: you rely on your toilet every single day. Thus, you can’t wait around when it starts leaking.

Contacting a toilet leak repair team as soon as you notice a problem is a must.

The leak may only get worse if you wait to address it; in the meantime, you’ll waste a lot of water, and potentially damage your floors. You might even develop mold. Our team at Perfect Home Services will fix the problem fast, preventing those issues.

Causes of a Leaking Toilet

There are several reasons toilets start to leak. Fixing the problem correctly requires identifying the cause accurately. That’s a good reason to trust professionals with this task. They have the expertise, knowledge, and experience necessary to determine why a toilet is leaking, and what they need to do to fix it.

Potential causes of toilet leaking include the following:

Wax Ring Failure

Is water leaking around the bottom of the toilet?

If so, the problem is likely related to a failing wax ring. Sometimes, these rings wear down after prolonged use. That said, if you recently replaced a toilet, it’s possible the new wax ring wasn’t installed properly.

Loosening Feed Line

The feed line supplies the toilet’s tank with new water. Like any plumbing line, it can come loose over time.

While fixing this problem may seem relatively simple, it’s important to understand that this type of problem could indicate a mechanical issue; the feed line will just come loose again if you don’t address it.

That’s another good reason to let a professional take a closer look.


It’s worth regularly inspecting the condition of your toilet bowl for signs of cracks.

When a crack develops, repairing it may be out of the question. This is an instance in which it’s often smarter to replace the entire toilet if the crack is fairly large and located along the bowl.

Broken Flapper

When you press the flusher down and it stays in the down position, this often means the flapper is broken.

Unfortunately, it can also result in major leaks.

The fill valve may continue to fill the tank up. With the flapper broken, it won’t stop. The water will overflow from the tank, potentially causing major damage and wasting a lot of water.

Fill Valve Damage

Over time, the toilet’s fill valve often gets worn down. It can also develop accumulations of mineral deposits, which can cause damage. This often results in leaks.

How We’re Different

If you need toilet leak repair service in the Chicagoland area, get in touch with our team at Perfect Home Services.

For more than 25 years, we’ve helped people throughout the region avoid major issues and damage when their toilets start leaking. We’re also available 24/7, ready to help you whenever trouble strikes.

To learn more about scheduling service, call us today!

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