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We love getting referrals, so we started a referral program that allows you and the people you refer to get great rewards. Money for you and unbelievable coupons and deals for your referrals.

Exclusive benefits for referring Perfect Home Services.

It’s been said that a referral is the highest form of compliment and thanks that you can give to a company and we couldn’t agree more.  

We appreciate them so much that we felt compelled to show our appreciation for them by giving huge rewards to anyone who sends them to us and by giving the very best discounts to the people they refer to us.  

Out of these passionate feelings the Perfect Home Services Referral program was born.

We believe you’ll find our referral process to be very quick, easy and rewarding. In fact, you could make a lot of money referring us and save your friends, family members, neighbors & customers a ton of money.

We pay out $50 for every ran call with a new customer, meaning if we step foot inside the house, it’s a ran call. If that call turns out to be an HVAC system installation, we pay you an additional $250. We have a wait time for 2 weeks after the job has been performed and then we mail out any applicable referral payout via a check. We do not pay out referrals for existing customers.

The person you referred can also pick from one of three benefits for our new customers:

$100 off of each furnace and AC purchased

$0 Service Call Charge – Service Call Charge Waived

$69 Furnace, AC or Plumbing Tune Up

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