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Ready to make the switch to a new furnace?

Furnace Replacement Services

Get in touch with Perfect Home Services. We’ll equip your home with a heating system designed for your specific needs.

We can suggest the ideal furnace if you’re having trouble sorting through your options, or install one you’ve selected from the brands we service. When planning the installation, consider replacing your entire HVAC unit; the system will work more effectively if the mechanical fit between the air conditioner and furnace is perfect.

Reasons to Get a New Furnace

In some instances, you may only need to repair a furnace if it’s not working properly. However, there are also times when it makes more sense to replace it entirely.

Knowing which course of action you should take is easier when you coordinate with technicians who can assess your needs. They may suggest replacing the system, instead of repairing it, if you’ve experienced any of the following key issues:

Frequent Furnace Repairs Needed

A furnace that consistently breaks down is a major drain on your bank account.

This trend is likely to continue until you replace it. While you might think you’re saving money by sticking with your current unit, you’ll actually save more money in the long run by upgrading to a new one.

When properly installed, it won’t need service for a long time.

Old Age & Failing Components

A furnace tends to work reliably for about 15 to 20 years.

It will start to break down more often than it used to as it gets older. If you’re reaching this stage, plan ahead. By preparing ahead of time, you’ll be less likely to incur furnace repair expenses when your old system stops working as effectively as it used to.

You can instead switch to a new system before that happens.

Ultra-Low Efficiency

Older units tend to operate inefficiently.

This results in higher energy bills. Many new furnaces, on the other hand, are designed to use much less energy than older systems.

This is yet another way in which replacing your current heating system with a new one saves you a lot of money in the long run.

Choosing a Furnace for Your Home

You may not want to replace your current furnace with one of the exact same type. Different types of HVAC units offer their own unique sets of benefits.

You also need to keep the size of your home in mind when making this decision. Technical factors like the unit’s BTU rating all play a role in this decision. By coordinating with our professional technicians, you’re much more likely to choose the right system for your home.

Benefits of Replacing Your Old HVAC Unit

Although purchasing a new furnace is a significant investment, the immediate efficiency improvements and repair cost savings are well worth the expense. Replacing your old HVAC unit sooner rather than later allows you to experience advantages like:

  • Increased cost savings: New furnaces operate considerably more efficiently than older models, potentially lowering utility bills. A new furnace provides even more cost savings when paired with a compatible cooling system.
  • Extensive warranties: When you partner with a company like Perfect Home Services to replace your furnace, you’ll receive one of the industry’s most comprehensive parts and labor warranties.
  • Peace of mind: Choosing a new HVAC unit from a reputable installer gives you the confidence to trust that your new furnace will deliver many years of worry-free, efficient service. 

Advantages of Choosing Perfect Home Services as Your Furnace Replacement Company

At Perfect Home Services, we pride ourselves on clear and honest communication throughout each phase of your furnace replacement process. Our technicians are among the region’s most qualified, meaning we will perform your installment accurately the first time. After installation, we’ll make sure everything is working smoothly and efficiently. 

You can also take comfort in knowing we’re a fully licensed and insured contractor.

Signing up for our VIP membership plan entitles you to additional perks, including vouchers, service gift cards and free tune-ups on your HVAC system. We also offer various coupons and deals throughout the year to provide even more savings on our parts and services. 


Contact Us Today for Home Heating Replacement Services

Having served clients throughout the Chicagoland region for three and a half decades and counting, we at Perfect Home Services are known for our reliability, professionalism and flexibility. When you’re ready for a furnace replacement, we’ll gladly offer a free estimate, so you can budget effectively. We’ll take the time to discuss your preferences and goals, helping you choose the perfect new furnace.

To learn more about scheduling an appointment with our specialists, call us or connect with us online today.

*Free estimate applies if you have a competing offer and/or you proceed with the installation.

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