Energy Savings From Your Home Comfort System


Energy EfficiencyWith rising energy costs, one of the biggest subjects today is how to reduce your home's energy consumption and bills. Not only can it be wasted money, but it can be needlessly damaging to the environment.

Perfect Air and Heating can help you with advice, system upgrades and new installation's to help maximize the efficiency of your heating and cooling, including:


- HIGH EFFICIENCY AIR CONDITIONING: Including the 20 SEER Trane Central Air Conditioner system. Investing in a higher efficiency air conditioning system can almost halve the running costs on a typical 15 year old system (10.5 SEER).

- HIGH EFFICIENCY FURNACES & HEAT PUMPS: Including the 95% AFUE Trane Gas Furnace furnace for the ultimate heating efficiency. A high efficiency system can save you hundreds of dollars in heating energy expenditure every year (compared to a typical 15 year old 80 AFUE system). Older furnaces may have efficiencies as low as 60%, so a modern system can make a big difference.

- PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION: As the Environmental Protection Agency points out, choosing a professional contractor is every bit as important as the system itself in maximizing the potential efficiency gains. The reason is that the SEER and AFUE ratings are only their potential efficiency ratings, it takes an expert installation to realize those efficiencies. A well-designed system will be correctly rated to the home (so the system operates at its optimum efficiency), be correctly positioned, and maximize air flow.

Digital Thermostats- THERMOSTATS: Upgrading your system to a programmable thermostat can reduce the amount of time you need to run your heating and cooling systems, saving you money.

- HOME ZONING: Zoning your home can make it possible to personalize the comfort to each person in each zone of the home - it's the ultimate control. And as an additional benefit it can mean that you don't waste money heating or cooling areas that aren't being used.


For all your heating and cooling energy questions across Chicago, Perfect Air and Heating are happy to help with FREE advice, or alternatively call for a FREE in-home new system estimate and a thorough heating and cooling energy audit of your current system.


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