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Condenser Coil Replacement

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Condenser Coil Replacement Services

Your AC condenser coil plays an essential role in cooling your home. If it stops working, our team at Perfect Home Services will provide a replacement. Replacing air conditioner parts is often a complicated process, and is thus best left to the professionals. They’ll do the job right the first time, helping you avoid more problems in the future.

Issues That Arise When Your AC Condenser Coil Should Be Replaced

Knowing when your condenser coil isn’t working can be difficult. Unless you’re familiar with the inner workings of an air conditioning system, you may not know what warning signs you should look out for. That’s why the following information is important. If you notice any of these issues, get in touch with a professional right away to discuss replacing your condenser coil.

Low Cooling

Like many air conditioner parts, the condenser coil helps remove hot air from a space. If the air conditioning system is no longer generating the same amount of cool air as it used to, it could be a sign this component is failing.

That said, it could also be a sign of several related problems, like insufficient refrigerant. That’s another smart reason to contact a professional when you notice problems. They’ll know how to diagnose the cause of the issue accurately.

High Energy Bills

When the AC condenser coil begins to fail, your air conditioning unit tends to operate much less efficiently than it should. This is the type of problem you might not notice until you get your energy bill. If your energy bills are higher than expected, especially during the warmer months of the year, contact a technician to inspect your system.

Odd Noises

When an air conditioner is running, you may hear a slight hum from the condenser coil. That’s to be expected. However, if you notice other sounds, like grinding, clicking, or slapping noises, it may be a sign of a mechanical issue. Fortunately, if you address the problem early, you might only need to have the coil repaired, and not necessarily replaced.

Coil Leaks

Check the area around your unit for signs of leaks. Condenser coils transfer refrigerant to various parts of the overall cooling system, but if they get damaged, they can leak. This lowers your overall refrigerant levels and impacts how effective your system is at cooling a space.

Don’t try to address the problem yourself, though, as refrigerant could harm you if you’re directly exposed to it.

How We’re Different

When you need AC condenser coil replacement, you need Perfect Home Services. Having served the Chicagoland region for more than 20 years, we have the experience and expertise necessary to fix the problem fast. If you ever need to get in touch, we’re available 24/7. Call us today to learn more!

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