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Whole House Air Purifier Repair

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Whole House Air Purifier Repair Services

A whole house air purifier can boost your home’s indoor air quality, making it more comfortable and making you healthier.

Of course, if it stops working, you stop reaping the benefits. That’s why it’s smart to familiarize yourself with the early warning signs of a problem. If you need whole house air purifier repair service, we at Perfect Home Services will handle the problem efficiently and reliably.

Repairing Your Non-Working Air Purifier

An air filtration and purification system serves to reduce the amount of debris and contaminants present in your indoor air.

Thus, knowing whether or not it’s still working involves monitoring your home’s indoor air quality. The sooner you realize there’s a problem, the sooner our technicians can fix it.

Get in touch if you notice any of the following:

Off-Putting Odors Lingering

Many of the compounds your air purifier removes could cause unpleasant odors.

You may have noticed them dissipating after you installed your purification system. If they return, it’s a good sign the system is no longer working as reliably as it once did.

Dust & Particulate

When cleaning the home, do you find it’s dustier than normal?

You might also notice that it wasn’t very dusty anymore after you installed a home air purifier, but now it is again.

This likely means the system has stopped working consistently. Get in touch with a professional so they can take a closer look.

Allergic Reactions

Whole house air purifiers are especially beneficial to people who suffer from allergies. They remove many of the contaminants that might otherwise trigger a reaction.

If your allergies have returned while inside your home, the system might not be functioning anymore.

Heavy Snoring

Although this might not seem like a sign of a problem, if you or someone in your home has begun snoring more noticeably, it could mean the air purification system isn’t working right.

Many contaminants in the air can result in congested airways and nasal passages. This makes snoring much worse.

Advice From the Air Purifier Experts

Don’t attempt to fix an indoor air purifier by yourself.

These are complicated machines, and if you don’t have the necessary experience, you may not correctly identify the cause of the problem. Thus, any solution you arrive at will likely be temporary in nature.

You’ll get much better results the first time around by hiring technicians who have experience working with these kinds of machines. They’ll also let you know how to maintain your system, so you can keep it in good shape for years.

How We’re Different

We at Perfect Home Services have been serving the Chicagoland area for more than 25 years.

We’ve managed to stay in business all that time by offering reliable, consistent service. If you need whole house air purifier repairs, get in touch. We’ll also happily install a new system if you need one.

To schedule service, give us a call today.

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