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Whole House Humidifier Installation

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Whole House Humidifier Installation Services

Dry indoor air can have a negative impact on both your comfort and your health.

That’s why you may want to schedule a whole house humidifier installation. Installing this type of system can be a difficult task, and is best left to professionals. The following information will help you better understand why this may be the right course of action for your needs.

Why Low Humidity Is More of a Problem Than You Thought

When the weather gets cold, humidity levels drop.

Running your home furnace can exacerbate this. Having a humidifier system installed guards again the kinds of problems that can develop when your indoor air becomes particularly dry.

They include the following:


Dry air tends to cause nasal irritation.

It can also impact your skin, affecting both your comfort and appearance. Your skin is comprised of moisture when it’s healthy. When it becomes less moist, it can start to dry out and flake, resulting in itchiness. A home humidifier will prevent this.

Poor Health

When your nasal passages are relatively moist, they often trap bacteria before they can get you sick.

Unfortunately, when you have dry indoor air, your nasal passages are much less effective at doing so. Thus, it becomes much easier to spread conditions like the common cold and the flu.

Creaking/Cracking Floors

Dry air pulls moisture away from any and all sources.

This often means, when the air itself isn’t humid enough, it will pull moisture away from surfaces in your home, especially wood surfaces. The first sign of this may be creaking floors.

Don’t ignore this issue.

Your home’s surfaces could suffer long-term damage as a result.

Why Getting a Humidifier Professionally Installed Is the Best Option

The process of installing a whole house humidifier isn’t always simple.

First, you need to determine what the ideal humidity for your home is, and what unit will most help you reach that humidity level.

This involves assessing the various factors that can contribute to your dry air issues, including climate, how often you use your HVAC equipment, and more. Thus, you may want to consult with professionals when choosing to install a humidifier in your home.

They’ll help you choose the right unit, and they’ll install it correctly the first time, saving you a lot of money on repairs in the long run.

How We’re Different

If you’re planning on installing a whole house humidifier, get in touch with Perfect Home Services.

We have more than 25 years of experience serving people like you throughout the Chicagoland area. We’ll assess your needs and offer a free estimate (pending we perform work) for the service before we start doing any work. To learn more, get in touch by calling today.

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