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Kitchen Faucet Installation

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Kitchen Faucet Installation Services

Installing a kitchen faucet involves several steps.

It’s important to realize that some aspects of the kitchen faucet installation process will vary depending on a number of different factors. The amount of space you have to work with, the condition of the existing faucet, and the available tools all impact the procedure.

That’s why following the manufacturer’s instructions is essential during this task.

Getting a New Kitchen Faucet

The first step involved in a new kitchen faucet installation is simple: choosing one.

However, this isn’t as simple as finding a sink faucet you like at the local hardware store. There are certain factors you need to keep in mind when making this decision. They include the following:

Kitchen Faucet Spacing

You may have a limited amount of space to work with when installing a new kitchen faucet.

For instance, if there are any cabinets or other obstructions above the sink, you might not be able to choose a faucet that’s taller than average. Measure how much space you have to work with before making a selection.

How It Looks

Obviously, you want a faucet that improves the overall look and feel of the kitchen.

That doesn’t simply mean choosing one that looks good in the store.

You need to make sure it matches the general interior design style of the entire room. If you plan on selling your home in the future, you might also want to choose a style of faucet that is timeless and universally-loved, rather than a style that only matches your personal taste.

Your Current Faucet

Not all kitchen faucets have the same number of mounting holes.

If your new one has fewer mounting holes than your current one, the old holes may be visible when you install it. In this case, you may be able to find a similar faucet with a decorative escutcheon plate to conceal the old holes.

Kitchen Faucet Installation Process

Before installing a new kitchen faucet, it’s important to shut off all water to that fixture. You might cause water damage otherwise.

Take a picture of the plumbing connections before disassembling anything. You can refer to this later when connecting the new faucet. As you disconnect the existing faucet from water supply lines, keep a bucket beneath them to collect any water still in the system.

Unscrewing the faucet can be difficult if the screws and other components are rusted over. You may need professional help to get the job done.

Once the old faucet is disconnected, remove it from the sink, then follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install the new one.

How We’re Different

If you need a kitchen faucet, you need Perfect Home Services, serving clients throughout the Chicagoland area for more than 25 years. This task is difficult.

There are many ways you can make mistakes. Our professionals will do the job right, ensuring the faucet works reliably. To schedule kitchen faucet installation service, call us today!

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