plumbing repairs to leave to professionals

8 Plumbing Repairs to Leave to a Professional

January 11, 2024

Though you may be handy around the house and enjoy tackling minor DIY repairs, you’re usually better off consulting a professional than dealing with your plumbing yourself. While plumbing problems like slow-draining sinks are easy to notice and may seem insignificant, they could indicate a more severe concern that only a skilled plumber should address. 

Learn more about the importance of professional plumbing repairs, the potential risks of DIY plumbing and eight examples of jobs you should leave to a trained expert. 

The Importance of Professional Plumbing Repairs

Professional plumbers complete hours of classroom and hands-on training to master a specific skill set. That’s why you can trust them to handle any plumbing job, no matter how minor. Enlisting a qualified plumber’s help is valuable for the following reasons:

  • Plumbing codes and regulations compliance
  • Efficient and swift leak detection and repairs
  • Reduced recurring plumbing issues and callbacks 
  • Less risk of personal injury due to inexperience
  • Proficient plumbing fitting installations and troubleshooting
  • Quality water control for safe consumption and residential use
  • Workmanship done to a high standard

A skilled plumber equipped with the correct tools and knowledge can provide unparalleled service. You will save time, money and effort you would have otherwise wasted by trying to fix an issue and accidentally making it worse. 

Potential Risks of DIY Plumbing

You may have tried resolving a few common plumbing issues yourself with household items like plungers or chemical drain cleaners. However, here are some risks you may encounter when attempting DIY plumbing methods.

  • Replacing parts: It’s tempting to try assembling parts like faucets and showerheads on your own, but you could end up doing it wrong, leaving you with incorrectly installed or broken components and wasting your precious time and money.
  • Potential harm or injury: You could injure yourself by working on something outside your knowledge scope. In contrast, a plumber’s training and licensure include safety standards.
  • Unclogging drains, toilets and showers: Water may overflow when trying to unclog drains like the toilet or sink. What looks like an easy fix could become a significant issue, depending on what obstructs the pipeway.
  • Snaking objects down pipes and drains: Many people try to fish an item out of the drain with a coat hanger. This technique is usually ineffective and might do more harm than good, leading to an unsuccessful attempt and an unresolved problem.

A professional plumber will handle any job properly so you can get on with your other responsibilities. You’ll reduce risks and save time and money in the long run.

8 Plumbing Repairs Best Left to Professionals

Whenever you face plumbing repairs or issues, you should call a reputable plumbing company for help. You will pay for their time and services, but the peace of mind you’ll gain in return is priceless. Here are eight plumbing repairs for a professional to handle.

plumbing repairs best left to professionals

The main sewer line carries a household’s wastewater through a pipework channel to a treatment plant for safe disposal. Invasive tree roots may penetrate the line, causing blockages. You may notice the toilet and other drains clogging up with waste material and use a plunger or toilet auger to unblock them. Ultimately, this fix is only temporary because it does not address the problem at the broken pipe site. 

A plumber can pinpoint the source of the blockage with a specialized waterproof camera. After assessing the extent of the damage, they can repair or replace the sewer line accordingly. 

If your home relies on natural gas heating, you should be aware of the potential dangers of a gas leak to you and your family. You might identify a leak through hissing pipe sounds, rusting pipes, a foul lingering sulfur smell, problematic gas appliances and higher-than-usual energy bills.

Besides the physical health risks, leaking gas may cause fires and explosions. Since attempting to fix a gas line leak can be so dangerous, never do it yourself. Call a plumber immediately.

A burst, leaking or frozen pipe also requires professional attention. Once a pipe bursts, the water damage can be extensive. An invisible leak is a less evident problem, but the most apparent symptom is higher water bills. Frozen pipes can break if mishandled. Pipes buried underground or hidden behind walls are challenging or impossible to see and access without specialized equipment. A plumber will inspect the pipes and provide the necessary repairs based on the issue. They can locate the problem and fix it immediately. 

When you notice low water pressure or a lack of hot water, there could be an issue with the water heater. Upon inspection, you may find a puddle surrounding the heater or loud noises coming from it. 

Water heaters are under tremendous pressure and can explode if mishandled, causing extensive damage. Instead of attempting to fix a water heater on your own, call a plumber to safely complete a repair or replacement.

The kitchen sink tends to get clogged more often than other drains due to a mix of cooking oils and food scraps. The pipes may burst due to excess pressure building up, resulting in costly damage repairs. Though you could try using a plunger to unblock the drain, it’s best to consult a plumber for a thorough inspection. They’ll check the pipes to see what’s causing the blockage and remove it.

You may have a blocked or burst pipe if there’s a sudden drop in water pressure. The source could be anywhere. A plumber can detect the problem and repair or replace it, saving you the hassle.

When you have a burst or blocked pipe, the water in your toilet might back up and overflow, which can be a cleaning nightmare. The waste material can also pose health risks if it spills all over. Call a plumber immediately to pinpoint the source of the trouble and fix it. 

While garbage disposals are miraculously convenient, they can’t handle everything you might carelessly throw down your drain. A blocked garbage disposal can result from large or fibrous food chunks. Sometimes, foreign matter can get stuck in the blades or the grinding chamber. You could inspect it by switching off the power and looking for food pieces inside the machine, but there’s always a risk of injury involved. 

The best solution is to contact a plumber to check the unit and remove any blockages. 

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With everything we’ve listed, there are numerous reasons to call a plumber when you have any issues. Having a plumber inspect, repair or replace pipes and other plumbing components ensures a professional job with satisfaction guaranteed.

If you are experiencing issues with the scenarios we’ve briefly discussed, Let us know what we can do by completing an appointment request form or calling us today.